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Health Care Benefits

ICC's Health Care Benefits are maintained by the office of Risk & Benefits Management who facilitates the plan through Mutual Medical.

Important News

Health Plan Amendment

Health Plan Changes FAQ


Monthly Premiums

Methodist PPO:

Single $44; Family $100


Single $44; Family $100

Maxi/Maxi II:

Single $44; Family $100


Single $22; Family $50

Yearly Exams & Lab Tests

The following are payable once per calendar year up to the benefited amount specified...

Routine Physical:
* Routine Physical provides coverage for a "routine physical" office visit at $110 and "routine lab work" at $125 when associated with the routine physical, (also included in the defination is PAP lab work, reading and exam) for plan members age 19 and over.


Routine Mammogram and Reading:


PSA and Digital Exam:


Screening Colonoscopy:
Only at Central IL Endoscopy


Other Wellness Screening:


Methodist Website
Mutual Medical Website

Review our Health Care Overview [pdf] and Privacy Statement