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Teaching Online at ICC

Teaching Online at ICC
An index of online teaching and learning resources at ICC

QOCI Quality Online Course Initiative Rubric and Resources
ICC uses a custom version of the Illinois Online Network’s Quality Online Course Initiative (QOCI) rubric to assist with assessment and continuous improvement of online teaching and learning

ICC’s Master Online Teachers
Master Online Teachers have completed an online graduate-level certificate program.  ICC proudly supports and recognizes all faculty and staff who have completed this professional development and training.

University of Illinois at Springfield – Higher Education Online Pedagogy Certificate
University of Illinois at Springfield offers a 4-course graduate certificate in online pedagogy

For more help with Teaching Online at ICC, contact Patrice Hess, Associate Dean of Online Learning, [email protected] or (309) 694-5295


Google Accounts Guide for Faculty & Staff
Google Hangouts Guide

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ICC Microsoft 2013 Training and Resources for ICC Employees

ICC students and faculty are eligible to download Office 365 for free on up to five devices. This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. Visit Get Office 365 on the Microsoft site to learn more about this program and what’s included, as well as several frequently asked questions.

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Attendance Tracking Templates

The attendance templates below provide ICC instructors with a quick option for generating student attendance tracking spreadsheets. How To Use the Templates [PDF]

Technology Tools to Enhance Student Learning and Engagement

Each semester the TLC offers a fully-online, self-paced series that features weekly posts on technology tools to help enhance student learning and engagement.  A new technology tool will be introduced on Tuesday of each week, accompanied by instructions, as well as sample uses. Revisit any of the topics at any time. Engage with others by posting comments and questions within the blog.

Visit to read past posts or to subscribe to the weekly feed.

  • Spring 2015 – 14 Tools to Flip Over
  • Summer 2015 – Student Assignment Alternatives

Faronics Insight Software

The Faronics Insight software, which is installed in some academic classrooms across campus, allows instructors to share a view from their computer onto student computers and monitor what students are viewing at individual computers.

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