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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Experience

Blackboard Collaborate Help

Official help resources for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra:


Blackboard Collaborate – Video Tutorials

These brief tutorial videos show the basics of using the Bb Collaborate Ultra interface.

Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra Experience Tutorials

Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support

Live 24/7 Technical Support is available for Blackboard Collaborate at the Blackboard Collaborate website. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with Blackboard Collaborate, the Blackboard Collaborate support site has options for submitting a support ticket, or talking live with a technical support representative through text chat or by phone.

Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support

Signing in as Moderator and Scheduling a Session

At ICC, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a separate service from our Blackboard Learn environment.  In order to use Blackboard Collaborate, ICC Faculty or Staff members can contact the Teaching and Learning Center to make the arrangements–you will need to be given a moderator account username and password.

Moderators for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra can sign in here:


 Once signed in, you can schedule a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session by following the instructions provided in these help materials:

Schedule Sessions from the Scheduler

When you have created your new session, a Guest Link will be generated. Email the guest link to your participants, or embed it into your Blackboard site. Anyone who clicks the link will be able to access the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session.

Application Share Feature Requires Google Chrome

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra’s Application Share feature allows the presenter to broadcast other applications or their entire computer desktop to the session participants. At the present time, in order to use the Application Share feature, you will need to use the Google Chrome browser. When the presenter attempts to use Application Share for the first time, they will be prompted to install the Chrome “Desktop Sharing” extension. Participants can view what is being shared using other browsers, but the presenter will need to use Google Chrome if they wish to use the Application Share feature.

Switching Between Ultra and Original

When signed into the Bb Collaborate Ultra Scheduler (at us.bbcollab.com), you will find a “Back to original experience” link in the bottom left corner of the page that you can use to switch over to the original version of Blackboard Collaborate.  Likewise, when signed into the moderator controls for the original version (at sas.eluminate.com) you will find a “Back to Collaborate Ultra experience” link at the bottom of the page.

For More Information Contact the TLC

ICC faculty and staff who are interested in using Blackboard Collaborate, please contact the Teaching and Learning Center staff for more information or training: (309) 694-8908 or [email protected].