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Blackboard Collaborate Original Experience

Blackboard Collaborate: Original Experience Quick Guides

Getting Started for Participants

Participant Interface and Basic Moderator Controls

Moderator Login and Session Setup

Recording a Session

Blackboard Collaborate Orientation – Video Tutorial

This seven minute Blackboard Collaborate Participant Orientation video walks through some preliminary set up steps for session participants, introduces the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing environment, and describes the various tools that are available to participants in a Bb Collaborate session.  When viewing the video, use the menu on the left to learn about specific components or functions of the Bb Collaborate environment.

Participant Orientation Video Tutorial

Configuration Room

Use the configuration room to test your computer system for the operation of Blackboard Collaborate.  With your web camera, speakers/headset and microphone attached to your computer, enter the configuration room and follow the instructions.  If you can successfully run the configuration room, you should be able to successfully participate in a live Blackboard Collaborate session.

Use this configuration room in advance of a live online Bb Collaborate session to ensure that the computer you are using will successfully access and run the Blackboard Collaborate environment.

Collaborate Configuration Room

Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support

Live 24/7 Technical Support is available for Blackboard Collaborate at the Blackboard Collaborate website. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with Blackboard Collaborate, the Blackboard Collaborate website has options for submitting a support ticket, or talking live with a technical support representative through text chat or by phone.  The link to the Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support site is available in the upper right-hand corner of the Blackboard Collaborate login screen.

Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support

Additional Blackboard Collaborate Training Materials

A number of Blackboard Collaborate Quick Reference Guides and Training Videos are available through the On-Demand Learning materials provided at Blackboard.com. Training materials for both Participants and Moderators are available:

On-Demand Learning for Blackboard Collaborate

For More Information Contact the TLC

ICC faculty and staff who are interested in using Blackboard Collaborate, please contact the Teaching and Learning Center staff for more information or training: (309) 694-8908 or [email protected].