Faculty & Staff

Fire/Evacuation Drill :: April 17 (East Peoria Campus)

There will be a fire/evacuation drill scheduled at the East Peoria Campus on the morning of Tues., April 17. The planned duration will be approximately 20 minutes to allow Campus Police to verify full evacuation of the affected buildings. The exact time of the drill is not being announced in the interest of keeping the drill somewhat spontaneous and realistic. This advance notice is being given to faculty and staff so they know there will be a disruption in their routine on that day and can plan accordingly.

Buildings and areas included in the drill will include the Academic Building (including Technology Center, Career Center, and Library/Administration Building), the AIT Building, the CAT/DPET building, Performing Arts Center, and Campus Housing.

We will advise additional details closer to the date of the drill. Evacuation procedures are covered in the Emergency Response Guide online and in the printed version of the guide located in campus offices and classrooms.

If there are any questions regarding the drill, please contact Campus Police Chief Tom Larson, Ext. 5225.