Sigma Kappa Delta Wows the Prez with Route 24 cleanup efforts

Recently members of Sigma Kappa Delta, the English Honors Society at ICC, spent their Saturday clearing trash from Route 24. One woman in an SUV stopped to thank the group personally for keeping her street clean. She lives on Route 24 and wondered who had been cleaning that stretch of road. The resident was very…  read more

Children’s Center Staff Wows the Prez

Interim President Dr. William Tammone recently received a letter from a Children’s Center parent singing the praises of the wonderful staff caring for her young son. Here is a portion of the letter: “The staff at ICC Children Center has been wonderful to us. My only regret is that I wish we could have enrolled…  read more

Beautiful landscaping and grounds on campus Wows the Prez!

ICC Interim President Dr. William Tammone recently received the following email from Professor Brent Goken (Arts and Communication): Dr. Tammone, I don’t know if others have noticed, but our landscaping and grounds at the ICC East Peoria Campus are absolutely stunning! The perennial gardens are filled with lush foliage, bountiful blooms, and finely edged green…  read more

Wow the Prez :: Student thanks Library “angels”

Dr. Tammone recently received an email from a freshman student who recently returned to college after 20 years. The student was thankful for the support of the East Peoria Campus Library staff. Portions of the email are included below: “I was greeted with warm smiles, encouraging words, and a complete investment in assisting me. I…  read more

Wow the Prez :: Library and Studio Staff are “There” for Students

Dr. Erwin recently received the following email from Paty Cole (Social Sciences & Public Services): “I wanted to take time to write you about the excellent services the resource/reference librarians  and the Studio are providing for my dual credit students enrolled in Introduction to Sociology (SOC110).   Specifically, this would be Ms Amy Glass and…  read more

Wow the Prez :: Snow Angel

On January 4, 2015, our manager Melanie Fleming took the time to clean off the cars of her employees and one of the college teaching staff. We at the Children’s Center did not want this to go unnoticed. Thank you for your time. Children’s Center Staff

Wow the Prez :: Comm 212 students inspire high school crowd in service-learning opportunity

On Saturday, January 17, several students from ICC’s Comm 212 public speaking class joined Professor Joe Chianakas for a special community event. Chianakas was asked to give a motivational presentation at Metamora High School’s Snowball weekend, an inspirational event for high school students.  While several Comm 212 students came to observe, a few ICC students addressed the crowd of more…  read more

Wow the Prez – Cool Solution

Employees in Student Accounting recently experienced toasty office conditions when the heating system warmed their area to an uncomfortable temperature over a span of a few days. When Joanna Schmidt mentioned the problem to Pat Garman (Maintenance Specialist) as he was leaving for the day, he returned to the area to implement a temporary cooling solution until a…  read more

Wow the Prez :: Student designs website for biology field class

Associate Professor Kristin Jacobson Flex (Math, Science, and Engineering) recently forwarded an email to Dr. Erwin sharing one student’s unique final project for Biology 250. Students culminate the semester with a field experience and are asked to complete a final project summarizing what they learned and experienced. Student Toni Ritchie, a second-year graphic design student from…  read more