Faculty & Staff

Current Projects and Updates

Beginning this spring and lasting throughout the summer, ICC will complete several construction and/or remodeling projects on the East Peoria Campus. For safety concerns, please note that the following areas will be closed to all faculty, staff, and visitors during construction.

RTU Phase 7 — Roof Top Unit Replacement

  • May 14 – June 7: Academic Building 2nd floor (237-238B) and 3rd floor (337A-338F)
  • June 10 – July 5: Academic Building 2nd floor (239A-240B and 3rd floor (339A-340G)
  • July 8 – July 19: Academic Building Atrium

Second Floor Plan
Third Floor Plan

Some Departments will be temporarily relocated:

  • Controller moved to 106D
  • Curriculum Services moved to L158
  • Human Resources moved to 303 and 305 office suites
  • Payroll moved to 305C
  • Risk, Safety & Benefits moved to 319A

Phase C — Restroom Remodel

  • May 14 – July 30: Academic Building restrooms between 125B-126, between 225F-226, between 325-326, and between 328-329

Phase 3 — Roadway/Parking Lot Resurfacing

  • Early June 2019: storm drain along Centennial, Centennial entrance and exit, Power Dr, and Nature Ct