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Project Updates

Updated November 11th, 2016

Student Resource Center

      • Construction Contractor is Peoria Metro Construction.
      • Building is encased now and roof decking is completed.
      • Interior framing and drywall is complete. Tape and mud work in progress and will be complete this week.
      • Interior painting has begun and is ongoing.
      • 1st and 2nd floor bathrooms have been tiled and are complete.
      • Tear down of link to Arbor is complete. Working on backfill and grading currently.
      • All sidewalks complete except south entrance.
      • Radius wall panels complete on all three sides.
      • All electrical rough ins are complete and data wire pulls have begun this week.
      • Exterior painting, sealing and caulking of pre cast panels is complete.
      • Tile and vinyl flooring has begun and will be ongoing over the next month.
      • Connections to Maple, Birth Poplar and Hickory will happen over Thanksgiving break to reduce disturbance to college.
      • Kitchen is equipment install is scheduled to begin Nov 14th.
      • Store front glass install is complete on second floor.
      • All acoustical ceiling grid now being installed and near completion.
      • Cloud in main common space is now complete except for paint. This will take place next week.
      • Ceiling has been completely painted.
      • Elevator is completed and ready for use once state inspector approves.
      • Kelly Glass has installed all exterior windows, doors and metal trim.
      • All Generator feeds pulled into the tunnels and now connected for use.
      • Testing and air balancing have been contracted and notified of completion.
      • Project schedule:
        • Scheduled to be completed December 16th, 2016.

Roof Replacement Phase 5

  • Punch list complete.
  • Weather was the factor on late completion.
  • Project schedule:
    • Scheduled to start May 2016
    • Scheduled to be completed August 2016

Arbor South

  • Construction Contractor is Peoria Metro Construction.
  • Above ceiling wire being pulled and data terminations ongoing.
  • Casework installation ongoing.
  • Light fixtures installation on going.
  • Flooring to begin October 31st.
  • Carpet to be installed starting November 14th.
  • Project schedule:
    • Scheduled to start May 2016
    • Scheduled to be completed November 30th, 2016

Birch Hall

  • Construction contractor is Peoria Metro Construction.
  • Interior wall framing ongoing.
  • Drywall installation continuing.
  • Interior wall rough out ongoing.
  • Project schedule:
    • Scheduled to start June 2016
    • Scheduled to be completed June 2017

Cedar Hall

  • Construction contractor is Core Construction.
  • All demo has been completed.
  • Storm drain system has been installed as well as the forced sanitary main.
  • All underground plumbing and electrical is completed.
  • Water mains to building will be complete this week.
  • Gas service install will begin this week.
  • Sprinkler system piping is ongoing and at 75% complete.
  • All add on additions floors have been poured.
  • Brick work for exterior will be complete this week.
  • Structural steel and block is completion.
  • Interior framing and wall completion ongoing.
  • Air handler 1 and 2 are both installed. Duct work has begun and is ongoing.
  • All hot and chilled water lines install in progress.
  • Roofing material on site and roofing install has begun.
  • Main entrance store front steel and glass install is ongoing and near completion.
  • All windows have been installed other than entrances.
  • Gas line install has begun and is near completion.
  • Building will be enclosed for winter in roughly a week.
  • Project schedule:
    • Demolition began April 6th , 2016
    • Scheduled to be completed June 16th  2017 and on schedule currently.

North Generator Replacement PH2

  • Construction contractor is Foster Jacobs.
  • New generator and fuel tank has been delivered and set. Fire Marshal approved and is now full.
  • Screen wall complete.
  • All switch gear has been installed. ASCO programed the 8 switches on Oct 4th to fully complete project.
  • Project complete awaiting final closeout and payment.
  • Project schedule:
    • Demolition began April 4th, 2016
    • Scheduled to be completed September 15th, 2016

Science Lab PH10 (319E)

Construction contractor is JohnCo.

  • Project complete on time and on budget.

Smartroom Upgrade

Project design completed March 30th, 2016

Room 222A (complete smartroom upgrade)

Room 233B (update paint) (mainly “IT” work)

Room 226A (update paint) (mainly “IT” work)

AIT 126 (complete smartroom upgrade) (IT to move 123 equipment to 126)

Warranty Work

Roofing CougarPlex

CougarPlex spring warranty work to be completed in conjunction with new Academic roofing project.

Several areas where surface application is peeling and blistered.

Windows Leak CougarPlex

Working with Garland to mitigate the leaking window issue in the aerobics room.

Water comes in through windows when we have a strong directional wind.

Water Proofing Leak

Working with Mike Boyle Western Specialty Contractors on potential warranty to 2013 water proofing project in front of LA Bldg.

We have currently sent samples to lab to determine if substance is from the project install.

Looking at having manufacturer on site the week of April 4th to assess the issues.

Patio Replacement Arbor

Wooden discs installed as patio heaving on South side of Arbor. Installed by CJL Landscaping

Working with PMC as prime on getting warranty work completed in the spring.

New product application has not been decided.

Library Skylights Leaking

Library skylights leaking in the spring and fall months after hard driving rain.

Installed by SuperSky Inc. in late 1990’s. Working with them again to do some maintenance on current system.  Looking at spring completion.

Quote has been received from SuperSky, and looking at other companies for price comparison on maintenance work needed.

Design/Future Construction

CAT Exhaust System Upgrade (Working to put out for bid)

Greenhouse Repair (Working to put out for bid)

Y2/Dingeldine Drive Re-pave

Sustainability Center

Sustainability Center Access Road

AIT Dynometer Reloaction