Custodial Teams by Area

East Peoria Campus

1st floor Academic Building, 1st floor Administration Building, Technology Building, stairs, Document Services, RR, and PAC

Teresa Evans
Alisa Cotton

1st floor classrooms

Katie Jacob

2nd floor Academic Building, Library, Bookstore, Atrium & Stairs, 2nd floor CC

Terry Paluska
Walter Baker
Kourtney Mack

2nd floor classrooms and garbage

Shawn Senti

3rd floor Academic Building, stairs, student lounge, and bridge team cleaning, RR by library

Kenny Rutherford
Rachael Barlow

3rd floor classroom and garbage

Jamie Gresham

1st Shift Float

Bonnie Durre
Anna Murray
Archie Davis
Georgina Munoz
Terry Scmider                                                                                                                     Melody Vogler

AIT Building, Cat Building and DPET Building

Aliea Booker
Andres Garcia                                                                                                                          Marcia Koeppel

AIT Building classrooms


Café Brévé, Child Care and Student Lounge

Tim Jacobs


Lisa Neff

Lori Bright

CougarPlex (locker rooms, exercise rooms, offices, concessions, fitness center and track)

Kristine Cannon
Cesar Mejia

Dirkson Hall and Land Lab

Anthron Johnson

Floor Cleaning (AIT Building, Cat Building, DPET Building, 1st floor Academic Building, Atrium)

Challi Welch

Lobby, 4th floor Administration Building and 4th floor library

David Lewis

Team Cleaning Float, Weekend Float

Daniel Kummer

Peoria Campus


Robin Ferguson

Dogwood Hall

Marguerite Massey

Hickory Hall

Thomas Law

Peoria Campus Team Cleaning

Michelle Schmider
Wendy Swanson
Cesario Diaz
Jordan Howard

Sandra Hibbard

Part-time Upper Arbor

Terry Shorty

Downtown Campus

Thomas Building

Marybeth McFarden

Perley Building

Shirley Harris