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Minority Student Retention

Retention Coordinator, A.J. GuytonThe Office of Diversity Retention works with students facing academic challenges and/or difficulty, including students who are on academic probation. The Diversity Office of Student Retention is located in the Career Center in Room CC210.

What is a Retention Coordinator?

A Retention Coordinator provides early academic intervention and support to help students succeed academically.

How can a Retention Coordinator help me?

A Retention Coordinator can assist you in being the best student you can be. Whether it is help with understanding something, which course to take or knowing your resources, a Retention Coordinator can help you figure out what you can do to become a successful college student. A Retention Coordinator can assist you in establishing an individualized academic success plan helping you reach your academic goals in a timely manner.

When should I meet with a Retention Coordinator?

You should plan on meeting with a Retention Coordinator before making major academic decisions, like withdrawing from a course or changing majors, and when needing academic guidance. If you are on academic probation you should schedule a face to face meeting with the Retention Coordinator. At this meeting you will talk with your Retention Coordinator about your academic goals and develop an action plan for success. Additionally, if you are seeking help with registration, need assistance with time management, or have concerns about being a successful college student you are encouraged to meet with a Retention Coordinator.

How do I contact/ make an appointment with the Retention Coordinator?

In order to best serve you it is important that you make an appointment in advance of any major academic deadlines. Students should call (309) 694-8295 to make an appointment with the Diversity Retention Coordinator.