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Diversity Study Circles

What is a Study Circle?

Goals of ICC Diversity Study Circles

» Download Diversity Study Cirlces, Summary Report (2008). [ppt]

Sample Circle Topics

Poverty and Socio-Economic Status:
Is education our ticket out of poverty?

Religious Diversity:
Does religious freedom exist on our campus?

Body Image:
Am I what you see?

The African-American Male:
Why are black men disappearing from our campus?

Race and Ethnicity
Racial profiling, cultural profiling, stereotyping... Let's talk about it.

Employment Status
Full-Time vs. Part-Time. Faculty, staff, and administration... Aren't we all on the same team?

Globalizing the Campus
Where are our jobs going? Are we prepared?

Diverse Learning Styles
Why don't they teach the way I learn?