Campus Maps & Parking

East Peoria Campus

1 College Drive
East Peoria, IL 61635-0001 Road Map

East Peoria Campus Parking

Students my park in unregulated parking areas in Lots A, B, F, G, and near Dirksen Hall. Students are prohibited from parking in any blue-striped staff parking spaces and staff parking, Lot E and CC, at all times. Students may park in Lot C but only after 4 pm.

Designated 15-minutes parking spaces are located in Lot E and near the Loading Dock for loading/unloading heavy or bulky materials. Designated 30-munute parking spaces are located on College Circle and in the Visitor Lot, Lot V, for use by any individual. All other available parking in Visitor Parking, Lot V, is prohibited for student. This applies to all student taking online or in-person classes on any campus on any day. Unauthorized vehicles may be towed.

North Campus

5407 N. University Street
Peoria, IL 61635-0001 Road Map

North Campus Parking

Ample free parking is provided at the North Campus. No special tags or stickers are required, except for designated Disability Parking.

Downtown Campus

115 S.W. Adams Street
Peoria, IL 61635-0001 Road Map

Downtown Campus Parking

There are spaces available for both day and evening ICC students at the One Technology Plaza Deck. Students must purchase a pass for $25 ($15 parking fee renewed each semester plus $10 deposit/returned when the parking card is returned) to use the facility and will be allotted a number of hours depending upon the number of credit hours taken at the Downtown Campus location. Entrance to the ICC parking area of the garage will require an electronically scanned pass card issued to the student from Enrollment Services in the Thomas Building, 109.

Parking in the One Technology Plaza Deck is available for both day and evening students. Niagara Deck and Jefferson Street Deck offer free parking at 6 pm on weekdays; all day Saturday and Sunday unless an event is being held at the Peoria Civic Center.

For more information about Downtown Campus Parking, call (309) 999-4500.

Pekin Campus

Riverway Business Park
225 Hanna Drive
Pekin, IL 61635-0001 Road Map

South Campus Parking

Ample free parking is provided at the South Campus. No special tags or stickers are required, except for designated Disability Parking.

Parking Violations

Violators are subject to parking-related fines in accordance with College policies and state laws. See the College Regulations Policy section for further information concerning fine and appeals.

Traffic and parking informational brochures are also available at the Student Service Centers and Campus Police offices on each campus.

Parking for Persons with Disabilities

Designated Disability Parking is available in lots on all campuses and is reserved for qualified individuals clearly displaying authorized Disability License Plates and/or Disability Placard.

Temporary Disability Parking Passes (for a maximum of severn days) may be obtained from Campus Police. These passes are given for walking disabilities such as temporary use of crutches, foot surgery, etc. Those requiring passes in excess of seven days are to obtain a Disability License Plate and/or Placard from the Illinois Secretary of State.