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Campus Police

Emergency Procedures

Emergency: 911

On Campus: 5111

The following notification procedure is to be used for every emergency:

  • Immediately notify college communication center. Dial 5111
  • Identify yourself, give the extension number from which you are calling
  • State nature of emergency
  • In the case of an accident where a person is injured, remain with the victim and make the person as comfortable as possible after notifying Campus Police

Emergency Call Boxes are located in all elevators and near the sidewalk between parking lots A and B. It is the responsibility of Campus Police to notify proper personnel. Upon arriving at the scene, the Campus Police Officer will take command of the situation.

A continuous loud blast of the fire horn indicates:

  • Everyone must evacuate the building in an orderly manner
  • During adverse weather, don your personal wearing apparel
  • Immediately after exiting building, East Peoria Campus students proceed directly to the main parking lot. Peoria Campus students proceed to Fulton Plaza
  • East Peoria Campus students should not leave campus as it will cause interference with entering emergency units
  • Do not reenter the building until notified by authorized personnel

The instructor is responsible for:

  • Evacuating the classroom
  • Assigning students to assist all people with disabilities
  • Directing students to exit
  • Checking to see all gas jets and electrical apparatus are off
  • Closing windows, turning off lights, and shutting the door

A continuous steady blast of the Civil Defense Siren indicates a confirmed tornado sighting in proximity of the campus.

  • Under no circumstances is anyone to leave the building
  • College personnel will take charge of their immediate area
  • College personnel should then move everyone in their immediate area into the hallway and away from all glass (windows, doors, etc), or down to a basement area
  • College personnel should remain in the hallway with the people under their supervision until authorized personnel advise all clear

Emergency Closings
Classes will meet as scheduled unless inclement weather or other emergency circumstances create conditions which necessitate closing the College. The administration will notify faculty, staff and students of the closing of the College as soon as possible through the following radio and television stations.

Television Channels:
19, 25, 31, 47

Radio Stations:

Emergency Messages
In situations of medical emergency, Campus Police will attempt to locate you in class and provide a message. A caller attempting to reach you will be asked to identify him/herself, provide a phone number at which he/she can be reached, and explain the nature of the emergency. In cases deemed non-emergency (change of plans with transportation, etc) your schedule will not be released to a third party without your prior written consent. You are, therefore, encouraged to provide family members or childcare providers with your schedule for their use in non-emergency situations. At no time shall a student's schedule be released.