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Administrative Directory


Dr. John Erwin,
East Peoria Campus, L419 (309) 694-5520

Vice Presidents and Executive Director

Dr. William Tammone
North Campus, H111 (309) 694-6921
Bruce Budde
Executive Vice President for Administration & Finance
East Peoria Campus, L420 (309) 694-5477
Dr. Margaret A. Swanson
Associate Provost
East Peoria Campus, L431 (309) 694-8584
Robin Ballard
Vice President of the ICC Educational Foundation & Chief Development Officer
East Peoria Campus, L411 (309) 694-8511
Dr. Rita Ali
Vice President of Diversity, International, & Adult Education
East Peoria Campus, L434 (309) 694-5561
Martha Bloodsaw
Vice President of Human Resources
East Peoria Campus, 339C (309) 694-5593
Dr. Cheryl Fliege
Vice President of Marketing & College Communications
East Peoria Campus, L406 (309) 694-5599
Dr. Tracy Morris
Vice President of Student Affairs
East Peoria Campus, L221A (309) 694-8970
David Cook
Executive Director of Institutional Research & Planning
East Peoria Campus, L429 (309) 694-8551

Deans and Associate Deans

Michael Sloan
Dean of Agricultural & Industrial Technologies
East Peoria Campus, AIT 209 (309) 694-5512
Stacy Gehrig
(Interim) Associate Dean of Agricultural & Industrial Technologies
East Peoria Campus, AIT 210 (309) 694-5117
Christopher Gray
Dean of Arts & Communications
East Peoria Campus, 124A (309) 694-5132
Julie Howar
Dean of Business, Hospitality, & Information Systems
East Peoria Campus, TC204 (309) 694-5505
Kay Sutton
Dean of College & Career Readiness
North Campus, C51 (309) 690-6886
Ellen George
Dean of Corporate & Community Education
North Campus, H115 (309) 690-6909
Dr. Jill Wright
Dean of English, Social Science & Language Studies
North Campus, C130 (309) 690-6878
Dr. Marwin Spiller
Associate Dean of Social Sciences
East Peoria Campus, 220B (309) 694-5361
Wendee Guth
Dean of Health Careers & Downtown Campus
Downtown Peoria Campus, Thomas 203A (309) 999-4656
Denise Kruckenberg
Associate Dean of Health Careers
Downtown Peoria Campus, Thomas 203 (309) 999-4264
Joe Bergman
(Interim) Dean of Math, Science, & Engineering
East Peoria Campus, 320B (309) 694-5367
Emily Points
(Interim) Dean of Students
East Peoria Campus, CC211 (309) 694-8501
Janice Kinsinger
Associate Dean of Instructional Innovation & Learning Resources
East Peoria Campus, 239G (309) 694-5758
Dr. Patrice Hess
Associate Dean of Online Learning
East Peoria Campus, TC203 (309) 694-5295


Dr. Susan Wheeler
Senior Director of Technology Services
East Peoria Campus, L128 (309) 694-8855
Pam Wilfinger
Director of Advisement & Counseling Services
East Peoria Campus, CC222 (309) 694-5288
Kim Malcolm
Director of Business Services
East Peoria Campus, L440 (309) 694-8815
Angela Dreessen
Director of Enrollment Services & Student Life
East Peoria Campus, L211C (309) 694-5353
Kevin Roberts
Director of Facility Operations
East Peoria Campus, 101E (309) 694-5135
Troy A. Hattermann
Director of Facilities Planning and Design
East Peoria Campus, 106C (309) 694-5156
Cathryne Kaufman
Director of Library Services
East Peoria Campus, L317 (309) 694-8504
Beth McClain
Director of Student Financial Services
East Peoria Campus, L209 (309) 694-5323
Sue Sinclair
Director of Athletics & Physical Education
East Peoria Campus, CougarPlex 128 (309) 694-5429
Ed Babcock
East Peoria Campus, L441 (309) 694-5337
Brad Finley
Director of Enterprise Systems
East Peoria Campus, L133 (309) 694-8557
William Newport
Director of Network Operations
East Peoria Campus, L127B (309) 694-8473
Dr. Barbara Burton
Director of International Education
North Campus, 303C (309) 694-8817
Tom Larson
Campus Police Chief
East Peoria Campus, 103D (309) 694-5225