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How soon do I need to fill out paper work to enroll my child in the center?
As soon as you fill out an application and pay your registration (check made payable to ICC upon decision to enroll), you will be placed in the next available slot for the current or next semester. The rest of the paperwork will need to be turned in at least 1 week prior to enrollment.

Is there any way I can contribute to the center to keep your costs down?
We always have a "wish list" available. Thanks to the generosity of parents we are able to give our children and teachers just a little bit of extras now and then. Some examples of donated items are soft facial tissues, baby wipes, zipper plastic bags, tooth brushes and tooth paste.

Are there any other ways I can help?
We love parent volunteers to help on field trips, or to come read to the children, assist with a special craft project or help with our family events. Just ask!

Do I have to be a student to bring my child to your child care?
No. While we try to give priority to students, our child care centers are open to all staff and faculty of ICC, both part and full time. We also accept "public" children. For information about our rates, see Rates & Procedures.

What if I only have one class I need to take?
Our hourly care is the answer for you. We will take your child for a short period of time while you are in class. We hold your place for the amount of time you need and charge in 15 min. increments.

Please note: You will be charged for the amount of time you need child care throughout the semester. No credits or refunds are given if your child is absent due to illness, canceled class, or other reasons.

I work and I go to ICC. Can you help me?
Depending on the hours of classes and your work schedule, we may be able to help you. Our hourly room can only take your child for up to 5 hours per day, but the full time room is open from 6:45 a.m. - 5 p.m. If your schedule fits our hours, we would love to have you get on our waiting list!

My child is in pull ups, but is mostly potty-trained. Can I bring him?
Unless there is a medical reason why your child cannot use the toilet, your child must be in underwear and in clothing that is easy to get on and off. We strive for independence in all children, and toilet usage is part of that independence. No pull ups or diapers are allowed except for children with documented special needs.

My child is completely potty trained but isn't quite 2 years old. Can you still take her?
No, DCFS does not allow us to care for children until they have had their second birthday.

Are your staff qualified to teach children or are the children cared for by students?
All of our teachers hold, at least, Associate's Degrees in Child Development or Elementary Education. Our teachers are qualified to be directors of child care centers or preschools in the state of Illinois. We do supervise student teachers from our child development program but those students are not left alone with children. We also employ student workers who help with our kitchen and laundry jobs, but also interact with children frequently. Only our teachers are responsible for the lesson plans, room arrangement and the daily schedules. Please view our Staff.

My child doesn't nap. I saw that your nap time is 2 hours long!
Our rest time in the full time rooms is 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. We expect the children to rest quietly for 1 hour, but at 2 p.m. if they have awakened or are not sleeping, they may go to the hourly room and play quietly under supervision until 3 p.m. For Hourly Room children, no nap or rest time is offered.

Are you open during mini-mesters?
Yes, we can accommodate extra children during mini mesters. Please note, we are closed the 1st Thursday and Friday in August for staff training.

What is your discipline policy?
Our discipline is positive in nature and appropriate for the developmental level of the children. Please see our Guidance and Discipline policy under Application Procedure.

How Do I pay?
Payments are made through automatic e-pay through charge cards or bank accounts. Please notify the manager if you are expecting Child Care Connection assistance or grants or loans to help pay the child care expenses.

What is your child/adult ratio?
We strive to have a low adult/child ratio. Depending on the room size and ages of the children, we have no more than 6-8 children per adult for 2-3 year olds and no more than 8-10 children for 4-5's. Many times we have far fewer children than this per adult.

I need child care but cannot afford it, is there any way I can get help?
SAL Child Care Connection has a referral service to help parents find child care and helps low income families pay for child care. Any questions about SAL Child Care Connection may be answered by calling (800) 421-4371 or visit them online.

What do the meals consist of and who provides them?
We participate in the USDA child and adult care food program, which reimburses us partially for providing a well balanced nutritional diet. Breakfast is served between 8:30 - 9 am and consists of a bread or cereal, fruit or juice and fluid milk. Lunch, which is served around 12 noon, consists of a meat or substitute, two fruits or vegetables or one of each, a bread or grain and fluid milk. Snack is served after nap time usually between 3:15 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. and consists of any two of the following components: Fruit, vegetable, grain, meat, milk. We provide all food related to our program, but occasionally ask for donations of extra items, such as for open houses and special events. Menus are available upon request. Ask the child center manager any questions about our meals.


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