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Before you begin the process of forming a new student organization, keep in mind that each club at ICC must support the mission of the college and must meet a need that is currently not being met by an existing organization. Take some time and check out the clubs listed below. These groups have been formed to meet a variety of personal, social, political, recreational, leadership and religious interests. You may find that there is already a group on campus doing exactly what you want to do. It is often more effective to combine forces than duplicate efforts which can create competition for resources-financial or people. Most organizations are very eager for new members; they want talents, new ideas, enthusiasm and commitment. If there is a group of students meeting with basically the same interests as yours, it makes sense for you to join their organization.

If, however, there is not an existing organization, and the club you are proposing to start supports the mission of the college, then we encourage you to follow the steps below in order to start the process of forming a new club. Hopefully there are many other students out there with similar interests as yours looking for a group to join!

» Download the Student Activities - Clubs & Organizations Handbook.

In order to start a new club, you’ll need to do the following:

1 Complete and return to the Office of Student Activities (OSA) the Chartering Form. [  ]

2 Meet with the Student Activities Manager to discuss your plans and goals.
(to schedule a meeting call 309-694-5201 or stop by the OSA, Room 305B, East Peoria Campus)
[  ]

3 Survey students and find a minimum of 10 students who are interested in joining the club. Complete and return to the OSA the General Membership Roster. [  ]

4 Select an Advisor(s) for your organization. This must be a currently employed staff or faculty member (part-time or full-time) of CC, and the advisor(s) must be approved by the Manager of Student Activities. [  ]

5 Draft a constitution and turn into the OSA.
(sample constitution can be viewed below)
[  ]

6 Meet with Student Activities Manager and Club Advisor to discuss paperwork, constitution, policies, and services the OSA offers. [  ]

7 Receive a copy of the Registered Club Handbook. [  ]

8 Hold an organizational meeting to approve the constitution and formally elect officers. [  ]

9 Complete and return to the OSA the Intent to Be Active Form. [  ]

10 Complete and return to the OSA the Signature Pages. [  ]

11 Attend a student club orientation which is held at the beginning of each Fall semester. [  ]

At first the process to forming a new student club may seem overwhelming and our office is here as a resource to help you through this process. If you need assistance with any of these steps or if you need a hard copy of the Student Club Handbook come to the Office of Student Activities, Room 305B, East Peoria Campus or contact us at (309) 694-5201.


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