Cross Country Teams Run Well at Western Illinois University

ICC’s Men’s and Women’s Cross Country teams fared well at their opening meet hosted by Western Illinois University on Friday, September 2. The “Early Bird Invitational” was composed of both four-year and two-year colleges and universities. Both the ICC Men’s and Women’s teams came in fifth overall and the men were first among the participating community colleges; the women second.

Congrats to the Men’s team consisting of John Crotteau (16th), Colin Siedleck (20th), Seth Guner (29th), Forest Anderson (34th), Parker Herz (35th), Trent Scheuermann (36th) and Breet Bennett (42nd).

Also congratulations to the Women’s team of Alyssa Klunk (22nd), Cassandra Fitzgibbons (23rd), Hannelore Book (26th), Bethany Spradlin (29th), Lita Davis (30th) and Dayna Traver (31st).