Ruth’s Success Story

When did you become a member of the ICC Fitness Center?

I became a member in 2014.

How and when did your fitness journey begin?

Staying physically fit is a lifestyle choice for me so I’ve always been active. I’ve tried many things over the years but gravitate towards fitness classes because I enjoy the social aspect of a class as much as the physical.

What is your current workout routine?

I have a morning routine at home that involves 20-25 minutes of yoga stretching followed by 20- 25 minutes of cardio. I also try to go to the gym and workout 4 times a week, usually in a Body Pump class or with my personal trainer, Vanessa Cruz. Vanessa has been awesome to train with and her workouts have helped me get to a level of strength I wouldn’t have thought possible.

What keeps you motivated to continue your exercise routine?

The health benefits you get from exercise is a huge motivator but now that I’m in my 50’s, age is also a motivator. I want to stay strong, flexible and healthy as long as I am able.

Do you have advice for those just getting started in a Body Pump class or any routine for that matter?

Be patient and realistic with yourself. Let your fitness routine be fun and something you enjoy. Don’t be afraid to try something you’ve never done before. The sense of accomplishment you get from stretching beyond your comfort zone is mental strength training and is just as important as the physical exercise.

What’s the greatest benefit you get from Body Pump?

I’ve been inspired by the great Body Pump instructors at ICC. They keep the classes upbeat and educational, teaching good form and technique which is critical to staying free from injury. The level of physical strength they’ve helped me attain and the knowledge I’ve gained are two big benefits.

What’s your greatest accomplishment since you’ve started using a personal trainer and/or Body Pump?

Being chosen for the January spotlight with the release of Body Pump 100. What an honor!