Mark and Kelly Thannum’s Story

How and when did your fitness journey begin?

Mark: Around 4 years ago. The equipment at the ICC Fitness Center is easily adjustable for a person of height (6’7″) and is well maintained. It makes it easy to be faithful to your workout.

Kelly: About 2 years ago, there was a contest to improve our fitness. I joined with the science teachers and got serious about my health.

What is your current workout routine?

Mark: Three times a week I do circuit training and 3 times a week I do bike and elliptical.

Kelly: I run about 15 to 20 miles a week. The ICC Fitness Center gives me opportunities to cross train and to run indoors if needed.

What keeps you motivated to continue your exercise routine?

Mark & Kelly: We don’t want to be overweight and immobile when we are older. It’s a quality of life issue.

Do you have advice for those just getting started?

Celebrate small victories. You are moving… that is awesome!

What’s the greatest benefit you get from exercise?

We can move and do the things we want to do!