Dual Credit

Dual Credit is a process, dual credit is a tool, and dual credit is a solution.

Get a head start on your college career and start taking dual credit classes today!

Illinois Central College and several area high schools provide courses that count toward high school and college credit at ICC at the same time. Juniors and seniors are eligible to take these courses.

How do I become a dual credit student?

  • Must be a junior or senior in high school.
  • Your high school must offer dual credit courses (See your school counselor for more details).
  • You must meet the requirements to enroll in dual credit coursework. This may involve taking an ICC placement test or achieving a specific score on the ACT.
  • You must be willing and motivated to study and complete college level work.
  • Must register for the class at the beginning of the semester. Students cannot secure college credit for a dual offering retroactively.

What are the benefits of dual credit classes?

  • Students are able to earn college credit while still in high school.
  • Students learn the rigors of college work early. They are able to adjust study habits to college work before they have to take on┬áthe total college experience.
  • Students get a jump start on their education which may shorten the time required to complete an undergraduate degree or certificate.
  • Students can use their dual credit work to demonstrate their ability to complete college-level work when they apply for admission to colleges, universities, and vocational schools.

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