Co-Ops and Chargebacks

A “Cooperative Education Agreement” is an agreement between Illinois Central College and approximately 20 other Illinois community colleges for an approved resident of one district to enroll in a specified occupational program at a participating school and be required to pay only the in-district tuition rate established by the college attended. The Cooperative Agreement is approved if the community college district in which you live does not offer the program of study you wish to pursue and the other college has agreed to the cooperative agreement.

A “Chargeback” is an agreement between Illinois Community Colleges. If the community college district in which you live does not offer the program of study (applied degree or certificate program) you desire, that community college will provide partial tuition support at the community college that offers the program in which you wish to enroll. Thus, the benefit to you is that you will be responsible for only the tuition costs equivalent to the in-district rate at the receiving community college. *Some exclusions may apply.

NOTE: Some colleges participating in the Co-operative Agreement or Chargeback Agreement have established deadlines for application to certain programs. ICC is not responsible for out-of-district costs if a deadline is not met by a student.

Your application to attend a community college outside of the Illinois Central College District must be returned to Enrollment Services at Illinois Central College at least 30 days prior to the start of the term in which you intend to begin the specified program. Applicant must be a legal resident of Illinois Central College District #514. Proof of legal residency may be required in some cases.

This form is ONLY for students who live in ICC’s district who want to attend another college as defined above. Students from other districts who wish to attend ICC must start that process with their home community college district.

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