Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Do you have a class you are struggling with? You are not alone. Get the help you need with Supplemental Instruction!

SI is a FREE, peer-assisted group study session. SI targets classes that are difficult for students. The peers, known as SI Leaders, are students who have successfully passed the course. SI Leaders attend class lecture and then hold regularly scheduled group study sessions.

Attending SI

  • Students who attend SI regularly may increase performance by ½ to a full letter grade
  • 1 hour of SI in approximately equal to 2.5 hours of individual study
  • SI sessions are FREE
  • SI is not remedial. SI benefits students of all learning levels
  • SI support starts week one

Become an SI Leader

SI Leaders are students who’ve taken a course, done well, and demonstrate the desire and skills to help others. SI Leaders attend lecture sessions, as well as plan for and facilitate student sessions.

The benefits to being a SI leader:

  • A better understanding of the course material, which improves success in related classes.
  • Access to instructors outside of class; which can foster relationships that lead to independent study, research, letters of recommendation, etc.
  • A paid on-campus job
  • Only ten (10) hours/week schedule.
  • Paid training before the semester begins.