About ICC

Six Sigma

Six Sigma’s mission is to identify and facilitate improvements that help the college achieve its goals and develop a culture of continuous improvement.

Simply put, Six Sigma is a data driven, decision-making approach to improve processes. It encourages us to look at processes systematically by defining the problem, gathering measurements, analyzing data, implementing solutions, and keeping those solutions in control by monitoring. Six Sigma gives us a common language for addressing problems and ensures that solutions are based on data and facts. Most importantly, it makes sure we listen to the voice of those we serve.

By learning and applying Six Sigma, you will improve your critical thinking skills, learn how to assess problems, make decisions using data, and learn terminology that is a part of ICC’s culture.

Opportunities for Employee Involvement

Suggest an Idea

In your day-to-day work, you might have noticed something that needs to be “fixed” or have an idea that would make something easier for ICC students or co-workers. Oftentimes those types of observations by employees lead to suggestions for Six Sigma teams that can lead to better processes for the way we do things at ICC.

Participate in Training

Yellow Belt and Green Belt training offers ICC employees the background and basics of Six Sigma and how it is used at ICC to improve processes and solve problems. Visit the eNews site for training offerings.

Contribute to a Team

Six Sigma teams are made up of employees representing areas of ICC. We need this diverse representation to assure that the voice of stakeholders is heard. If you are interested in team participation and have completed Yellow Belt or Green Belt training, please let your supervisor know.